The purpose of Research & Development department in Mani is to improve the utility level of the products and designing the new product in a way that they will be popular with the customers.

The measures taken in this regard is to establish direct communication with customers through Test Panel and utilizing statistical methods, which will lead to designing products exactly according to the customer's demand.

Among these products can be Mani Mixed Tropical Nuts, Mani mixed nuts, and also Choconuts, all of which have successfully attracted their customers by means of their right combination of fruits and nuts in terms of quality, color, flavor and health benefits.

A winning combination of traditional skills and the most advanced technology is used to produce food that meets the highest standards of quality.

  • Product Innovation : At the core of the company lies an insatiable quest for making a difference while satisfying the consumer need for healthy snack foods that is convenient, fun and tasty.  The company continuously improves on the product offer, manufacturing processes, packaging and supply chain dynamics.

  • Processing Factories : Serving the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region and Europe, the company's state of the art manufacturing unit, located in Dubai Investment Park, is equipped with the latest traceability systems has an impressive annual capacity of 3000 MT of Dried Fruits & Nuts.

    • Quality Control : As part of a pro-active continually assessed program administered by the HACCP, Mani & Co. ensures that all its operations are implemented in complete accordance with the statutory requirements.  A commitment to achieving the highest standards of health, safety and quality embraces every facet of the organization.

      • Brand Management :The retail focused brand strategy, management and other marketing communication activities of the Mani brand of premium quality dried fruits and nuts is managed by Mani & Co. - Brussels/BELGIUM.