About us
Introduction & Nature of Business

Founded in 1877, the family-run business of Dried Fruits by Mani was firstly built on the strong foundation of age-old family traditions and skills - a heritage that leads back to over 140 years ago! 

Originated by HossseinRahmani in East Azerbaijan region in Iran, Rahmani Enterpriseworked as a small family-run business that produced, packed and exported an assorted range of Dried Fruits and Nuts to Russia.  In 1931, HosseinRahmani introduced the latest European technology and equipment to the company's very first factory. Fifteen years after the first factory commenced, the Sunraisy brand was instituted in 1946 and for the very first time, the company commenced exports to England & Germany.

In 1954, Mohsen Rahmani, the CEO of the company joined the enterprise, and the next few decades witnessed the construction of several completely mechanized factories with the most advanced washing, sorting and packaging lines.  During that period, exports to Russia and Europe flourished.

In 1990, Rahmani Enterprise was renamed as East Azarbaijan Company, and started promotion with seven full-service factories and its own distribution and delivery chain, involving with production, import, export and distribution of its own range of Dried Fruits and Nuts to over 90 countries in the global market. 
The company remained a family-run business and parallelly was operated from its branches in Brussels/BELGIUM & Dubai/UAE, and also was awarded with several international awards for its consistent efforts and dedication to Quality e.g. The European Quality Award from France, The American Award of Quality and The German Food Quality Award to name a few.

Finally in 2004 Mani & Co., a winning combination of traditional skills and the most advanced technology was founded for the purpose of producing foods that meet the highest standards of branded Premium Quality of Dried Fruits and Nuts.  Mani brand gets its name from the family name of the founder of the company HosseinRahmani,sample who started a small family-run business in the north west of Iran.

International Exports
Every year the company transports bulk consignments of Sunraisy Dried Fruits and Nuts with a quantity of upto 52,000 tons to over 90 countries around the world.
Providing bulk and customized consignments of Dried Fruits & Nuts, Mani & Co. serves various segments of the food industry including wholesale trading companies, suppliers for the HORECA industry, specialist bakeries and delis as well as premium retail brands that require ingredients for their own range of products.
The company's strength lies in its experience and networks within Iran and overseas.  These networks include shipping companies, port companies and loading and discharge agents.  Mani & Co. pools its resources to consolidate with the client's preferred shipping lines and adapts its services to suit the customer's systems and procedures.

-European Quality Award from France,

-American Award of Quality 

-Food Quality Award from Germany


-ISO9001:2015 & HACCP


-GMP (Global Standard Food Safety)

-International Food Standard

-Halal Certificate