Welcome to Mani
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Mani believes in simplicity and purity.  Pleasure & Wellbeing, Real Taste & Pure Fruit, Natural Process and Food Expertise is our Maxim. 

The fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit!
The Fruitality range has a wide range of pure natural fruits and nuts that are free from artificial colors and additives.
Our wealth of expertise has been gathered over a century of selecting the best fruits and caring for them in environmentally sustainable ways throughout the entire process from picking to packing.
Research & Developments
Advanced technology combined with traditional skills
The purpose of Research & Development department in Mani is to improve the utility level of the products and designing the new product in a way that they will be popular with the customers.
News & Featurs

At the moment, the problems facing agricultural exports, has resulted an uncertainty in perspective of exporting rate in year 92.

Iran’s Exhibition of Food and Agriculture Agrofood 2013 is one of the most important events in the field and exchange information, knowledge, technologies and achievements in the field of production and trade in agricultural areas.


Mani Group International company is on the verge of entering into OTC Stock Market!

Said the company’s CEO Mr. Mojtaba Rahmani in 20th International Fair of Agricultural Technology Food, Machinery and related Industries (May 28th to June 1st 2013).

Irresistibly tasty!
Absolutely Guilt Free
Guilt-free snacking takes the form of a tasty selection of the finest fruits and nuts such as Raisins, Dried Figs, Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios, Peanuts, and Cashew nuts etc. in an exquisite assortment of natural flavors. Made from the goodness of pure natural fruits and nuts, the Yummy is a range of irresistibly tasty, fulfilling snack that takes care of everyone's health too!
All of Mani's Fruits and Nuts are subject to Laser Sorting as well as stringent laboratory control throughout the production & packaging process.