Product Range

Our roasted nuts are flavored with a selection of natural herbs and spices or combined with flavorful fruit which makes for a gratifying, wholesome, fun-filled Snack!Mani believes in simplicity and purity, even in tiniest packing which inspires people.
When you use one of Mani Snacks, you can be sure that you are enjoying some of the world's finest food. All of Mani's fruits and nuts are subject to X-ray sorting as well as stringent laboratory control throughout the production & packaging process.
Available in all Natural or Roasted, Mani family offers a variety of finest Dried Fruits and Nuts that are packed in economical, value sized pouches.With Mani Chef you can have a little more of our delicious food for a whole lot less!
A beautiful gift of Mani's signature collection is perfect for any association. From the elegant presentation to the very last taste of our delicious fruits and nuts, our premium collections are always a treasured Gift!